This mini-collection results from the collaboration between fashion brands Gris Neutre and Linda Mai Phung. Gris Neutre was born in 2010 with Sara Bento de Castro, illustrator and fashion designer, Marisa Ferra, fashion designer, and Joana Gonçalo Oliveira, anthropologist. The work of this fashion brand is characterized by the dialogue initiated between the multiple expressions resulting from the crossing of the perspectives and skills of each element: illustration, fashion design and reflection exercise.
Linda Mai Phung brand is born in 2009, from French designer Linda Mai Phung. Betting on creating a sustainable fashion, Linda Mai Phung revitalizes traditional textiles with a modern style, creating a unique result for each piece designed.
In this collaboration, gris neutre created an illustration and pattern composition to be applied in clothes designed by Linda Mai Phung, having as background the printing of Vietnamese myth Son Tinh & Thuy Tinh, The Spirit of the Mountain & The Spirit of the Sea.
The myth explains the presence of monsoons in Vietnam.

The spirit of the sea and the spirit of the mountain wished to marry the daughter of the King, wanted by all men. The King could not choose between them because he was afraid of the wrath he could cause to the deprecated. He proposed that the one who could first arrive to his kingdom carrying his gifts, would be chosen.
The next day, the spirit of the mountain was the first to arrive and married the King's daughter. Before the spirit of the sea came and knowing that what had n happened would incur the spirit's wrath, the King took the princess to the mountain top. When the spirit of the sea arrived at the kingdom he became furious, and with all his strength tried to raise the waters to reach the mountain summit. Being unsuccessful, he quit. But every year, the rage comes back and the spirit of the sea attempts to elevate the waters to try to reach the princess.

On her part, Linda Mai Phung mediated the illustration and its color pattern with the choice of natural fabrics, silk, organic cotton and linen, and the design of each piece in relation to the natural opponents of the myth: the sea and the mountain.
The result of this collaboration is a mini- collection that explores, in each piece, the strength of a struggle between natural rivals. Therefore, each piece carries that force. In each line drawn, in each design, we claim this struggle to express the feminine.